Looking for a way to workout without sacrificing time with your family? This program is perfect for you and your children. Family BootCamps offer a unique opportunity for families to workout together promoting a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.  In one hour you will engage in a circuit based program that will incorporate cardio-vascular endurance / muscular strength and endurance /flexibility. Each workout session incorporates a brief educational component that will provide family members with healthy lifestyle techniques. These high energy, fun, and engaging workouts will get you and your family members engaged in healthy competition that will allow you to spend some real quality time together. Nutritional counseling available.  Two/Three times a week for ten/twelve weeks.


This program is designed for children and adolescents that are looking for a non-competitive sports activity. These camps are never boring, high energy and fun; getting you off the sofa and into a more active lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged through brief educational sessions at each workout session. Good nutrition without deprivation is encouraged and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are promoted. These BootCamps combine cardio-vascular/endurance strength training /flexibility and muscular endurance in one hour!  Boot Camps are fun, high energy; circuit based training that keep each participant engaged and moving throughout. Each workout is different so it is never boring.  Our instructors will motivate each participant to work to their full potential. Ten/Twelve week sessions meet Two/Three times a week.  

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